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Welcome to Full STEAM Academy

Full STEAM Academy (FSA) private preschools and childcare centers are proud to introduce next level educational curriculum designed specifically for children 6 weeks through kindergarten.

Building a strong foundation for children’s success is a passion the FSA team shares. Our approach, literally, involves building a complete early childhood experience from the ground up. FSA leads this process with the full life cycle development of each facility, including architectural design and construction of accommodations geared towards caring for young children.

Our state of the art facilities are clean, safe, and professionally maintained at the highest standards to create an atmosphere for children to play, learn and grow. Each learning center features our Da Vinci STEM Lab, our Picasso Creative Arts Studio, and an amazing outdoor playground that meet our standards as a premiere care and educational powerhouse.


Look who’s making a splash!

Full STEAM Academy catches a wave on network television.
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Our Culture:

At FSA, we want our students, families, and teachers to have the freedom to explore.  Explore different ideas, explore hands on learning, and explore through play.

Our Core Knowledge and STEAM integrated curriculum empower our teachers to be creative and to move flexibly and fluidly through the daily lesson plans. Our teachers interact, instruct, and embrace a loving appreciation for the gift of children.  We believe that learning is fun and we encourage a positive environment that nurtures confident, happy and healthy students. 

Our culture is dynamic and ever changing to seek out new ideas and challenge our understanding of the world around us.   In partnership with our parents, our team purposely strives to reach beyond basic preschool education and care to achieve the highest standards of excellence as well as provide the best full circle experience for our community members.   

We all share a purpose to do what’s best for our the children in our care. We all share a calling to serve our colleagues, families, and students to the best of our abilities. We believe that the future begins now by shaping the young minds that will become our future.  Together, we share a belief in building a better tomorrow by instilling kindness and imparting knowledge to our youth.

What it means to be caregivers at FSA

  • We get on the floor to ENGAGE our littlest
  • We HUG to share our joy.
  • We SOOTHE little hearts.
  • We CALM busy minds.
  • We are PASSIONATE about the development of children.
  • We are DEDICATED to helping them grow.
  • We are PATIENT.
  • We are EDUCATORS that feed on the success of others.
  • We work with children and EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED
  • We take the time to LISTEN.
  • We are all about FAMILY.
  • We are a TEAM.
  • We share a PURPOSE to give.
  • We LOVE our children.