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COMMUNICATION ...Transparency and Consistency

Full STEAM Academy’s philosophy emphasizes open communication between staff, parents, and children to create a safe, nurturing, and loving learning environment. Transparent and collaborative communication is a top priority at FSA and we believe in the importance of consistent communication in partnership with parents to provide excellence in childcare services to create the best experience for your family and your children.

At FSA we are charged with fostering interaction between parents and teachers to make sure your child’s best interests are being looked after. Parents and staff are in daily verbal communication as you drop off and pick up your child from school. Per California State Licensing requirements, parents must sign their children in and out daily. At FSA, this is done using the SmartCareâ„¢ kiosk in the front lobby. Teachers will, also, make a point to inform you of any concerns at school and will provide parents with a “Daily Sheet” to review at the end of the day. FSA further communicates with weekly and monthly newsletters and announcements so that parents remain up to date with important information.

Since children react to even “minor” changes in their home and school life, it is important for parents and teachers to “keep in touch” daily. Parents are encouraged to inform the teacher of such things as a death in the family, parent illness, birth of a sibling, change in family structure, or anything out of the ordinary routine. This will allow the staff to help your child.

Questioning is welcomed. No matter how self-conscious you may feel about asking, it is important for us to know how you feel about our program. Questions and/or suggestions that might better meet your and your child’s needs are valuable to the staff. We want you to feel comfortable expressing your questions, concerns, or interests.

You are entrusting us with your greatest gifts…your children. We want to make sure you feel that you are informed and involved your child’s development and early education journey.