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Our Staff

Our professional team is comprised of talented educators, successful business leaders and early childhood education experts committed to nurturing and preparing youngsters for future success.  It is our goal to make learning fun and cultivate confident, happy, and healthy children.

We believe in a positive energy that inspires the imagination and offers an exceptional experience for our team, our families, and our students. As such, our teachers are highly trained, state licensed and certified to provide the best educational and care services to your children. Our staff is also involved in community activities, professional organizations, and encouraged to seek membership in educational associations to further their own professional and personal development.

FSA’s family focused preschool centers are unlike any other early childcare and education organizations. Our approach is “evolutionary”… built upon the spirit of forward thinking, creativity, and communication to continuously strive to be the best at what we do. We believe in challenging our staff members to “think outside the box” and we, constantly, invest in our teachers and their own professional growth with on the job training in safety, curriculum, and the best process standards we have embraced. As Full STEAM Academy ambassadors, our staff shares a vision to instill a love of learning in our youngest community members.

CEO Welcome!

Doug Quiroz

“I’ve always been drawn to service that betters my community… Our commitment to creating atmospheres and environments where our children will have innovative, creative and playful opportunities to learn is very important to me. With my leadership, we will provide a progressive curriculum framework that meets the needs of our children in their first five years while establishing an academic foundation that will benefit the children of our community throughout the informative years.”

Doug Quiroz, CEO, Full STEAM Academy

Service. Commitment. Leadership. Qualities Mr. Quiroz embodies and has shared throughout his successful career in business and property development. As President of CEMO Commercial, real estate and brokerage firm, his skills in negotiation, oversight, and strategic marketing have been sought out in all phases of the project management lifecycle. However, it is his personal relationships and his ability to forge partnerships that has contributed to CEMO’s outstanding production of pre-school facilities that provide infrastructure to childcare and educational organizations in our community.

Mr. Quiroz has been instrumental in the development of the existing property that is known as The Learning Experience and it is with this pride of ownership that Mr. Quiroz has invested his leadership skills and personal commitment to position Full STEAM Academy for success.

In addition to the resources he has at hand, Mr. Quiroz has assembled a team of industry experts, educational consultants, and experienced instructors to fulfill his mission to create an innovative and imaginative place for children and their families to explore and excel. He is pleased to introduce Full STEAM Academy and establish its presence as a leading care and educational powerhouse to serve the needs within the community he calls home.

Mr. Quiroz has resided in the Folsom area for almost 20 years and currently, serves as volunteer Operations Manager for Folsom’s West Coast Zags youth basketball program and the Folsom High School Girls Basketball program. Doug Quiroz is a United States Army Veteran, husband and father of two daughters that enjoys the outdoors, mountain biking and music.

Tim Quiroz, Executive Director of Curriculum, Full STEAM Academy

With a Masters degree in education, Tim brings over thirty-two years classroom teaching experience including three years as an elementary school principal and sixteen years as a national CK Licensed Professional consultant with Core Knowledge Foundation. He has trained administrators, classroom and special area teachers at all grade levels PreK-8 at public, private and charter schools in rural, urban and suburban neighborhoods both nationally and internationally. Tim has been instrumental in developing FSA’s curriculum, using pedagogy expertise to infuse STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) into the Core Knowledge PreSchool Sequence and Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA). We are thrilled Tim will be sharing his knowledge and experience as a member of our Academy as he works with our Corporate team to build exciting adventures in education that will offer our children excellent opportunities for learning and growth.


“I’m passionate about the growth and education of young people. The opportunity to be involved in helping kids, develop, change, and excel is a very special responsibility that I take very seriously.”

Heather Cole, Director, Full STEAM Academy Folsom

Miss Heather, as she is fondly known, has been nurturing, motivating and inspiring those around her for the better part of 20 years. Her career has focused on early childhood development and instruction while serving in public and private educational and child care facilities.

As previous Director of The Learning Experience, she held positions as a teacher, Curriculum Director, and Administrative Director, working with staff and families to ensure the well-being of all students in a safe, friendly, playful environment.

Whether pursuing her passion for providing the best for pre-schoolers, raising four active children of her own, coaching a community youth cheer leading team, or volunteering to work with young people to achieve their goals…building strong relationships is at the heart of Heather Cole’s success.

Miss Heather’s knowledge, understanding, and hands on approach to guiding parents through, often, first steps in their child’s educational journey adds significant value to our team as we innovate to create a foundation for healthy, happy, and Kinder-ready kids!