Aloha Summer!!

FSA’s Folsom preschool hosted a Hawaiian themed parent appreciation party and fundraiser celebrating the Spirit of the Islands.

FSA students and families enjoyed a festive food banquet while dancing amidst “tiny bubbles”, jumping in bounce houses, and learning the hula. The Ohana Dance Group performed live and gave a quick course in Hawaiian dance followed by a screening of Disney’s TM “Moana”.

Many of our youngsters dressed for the occasion and from the smiles on everyone’s faces…the evening was the perfect way to get ready for FSA’s Folsom preschool’s FUN Summer Session!!

Our Summer Kick-Off Event provided an opportunity to bring our Folsom preschool families together while giving back to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) of the Greater Sacramento Area in their efforts to fight blood cancer.

Mahalo to all who participated!!