Fall Gifts of Nature DIY

Download the PDF version of Fall Gifts to print.

Who: You and an Adult

When and Where: Anytime, Anywhere… with adult supervision.

PetalPrints What: Fall Gifts of Nature: Apple Stamps and Leaf Painting



  • different shaped leaves
  • apples
  • paper
  • colored paint, crayons or marker
  • paper plate
  • fork or utensil for stamping
  • paper towel
  • tool for slicing the apple (adult supervision)


Fall’s natural beauty comes alive in this fun activity that allow children to collect seasonal treasures such as leaves and apples to explore their different textures, shapes, and forms. Children can arrange the leaves on paper to trace and “color in” or “paint” the leaves themselves with paint, markers, or crayons. Children can also dip apple slices in paint to make different types of “stamp art”.

Ms. Alex’s Tips for Leaf Painting

  • Check to make sure the leaves do not have sharp points on the ends.
  • Make sure the leaves are not crunchy if the children run crayons or paint over them.
  • Leaves that have grooves (veins) feel great to touch and exhibit sensory contrast!



Ms. Alex’s Tips for making cool Apple Stamps:

  • On a paper plate, cut the apple in half and dab the apple slice on a paper towel to absorb moisture so that fruit juices will not mix with the paint.
  • Place a fork in the apple half to use as a handle for the kids to hold while stamping.
  • Dip in the paint to make a whole apple print or carve out the apple meat and hollow the inside to create an apple stamp outline.

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