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Curriculum Overview

FSA is committed to achieving academic excellence in quality early childhood education (ECE).

To achieve this, we are infusing the basis of two curriculum foundations…The Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence and STEAM program framework*.

The Preschool Sequence offers a progression of skills and knowledge that meet and exceed physical, social, language, and cognitive development goals in preparation for Kindergarten acceptance. Building upon this platform, our highly trained instructors will integrate the components of STEAM, derived from the widely adopted framework STEM™ that emphasizes science and technology. STEAM adds the Art component to complete the STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math elements to include the exploration of music, visual and manual arts to tie all learning subjects together.

FSA’s curriculum provides for learning through PLAY and we thrive in developing fun activities that introduce children to a world of wonder with immersive experiences that stimulate the mind and engage the senses.