Welcome Pamela our Director of Early Childhood Education

Pamela Van Parys

Director of Early Childhood Education, Full STEAM Academy

“Early childhood education is research based and ever evolving as new brain research unfolds. My work with children is driven by current development research as well as the fundamental need for each child to be in a loving, secure relationship with their caregiver. This is critical to each child’s development and helps a child reach their full potential…cognitively, socially, physically, and emotionally.”

Pamela’s career in early childhood education has engaged her passion to build
high- quality preschool programs for over twenty-five years with experience as a teacher, caregiver and administrator. In her role at FSA, she will provide operations oversight, training, and technical assistance to our Academy Directors while sharing her skills and knowledge in nurturing children to Kindergarten readiness.

Pamela has a BA in Human Development, specializing in Early Childhood Education with professional designations including:

  • Program for Infant Toddler Care Certified Trainer (PITC)
  • Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale Evaluator
  • Professional Growth Advisor, California Child Development Training Consortium

Pamela has been married for over 40 years and is mother to four grown children with five grandchildren. She enjoys hiking, reading and gardening. She is a nature enthusiast who has made it her life work to create an environment to give children a sense of wonder at the natural world. Her yard is a Certified Wildlife Habitat where one might find eco-friendly and water conscious indigenous plants, pet chickens and rescued Box turtles.